Rock Paper Scissors Rumble 5

RPS5 Rock Paper Scissors Rumble 5 was amazing! CHEESEBURGER and No Age blew the roof off of the EXPLX! DJs Chachin, King Ruly, and Suprema set the dance party in motion. Hosts Khamara Pettus, the Brain (and his handler Ange Venus), head ref Andy, and refs Ron and Ryan were phenomenal. Congrats to the Left Hand of Darkness on defeating Caine and taking the title. Watch GameJew's Rock! Paper! Scissors! video. Many thanks to our sponsors and affiliates.

L.A. Record Ice Cream Man Machine Project Music For Robots
Function Spaceland Productions Diggers Dewar\'s
Welcome to RPS Rumble 5!
Opening band - NO AGE
Refs Ron & Ryan
The Brain and Ange Venus
Host Khamara P. starts the RUMBLE!
Main Event - Cain vs. Left Hand of Darkness
New champ the Left Hand of Darkness
The Glowworm pays a visit.