LIP-SYNCH Big Stink 3

Lip-Synch Big Stink 3 Lip-Synch 3 rocked Little Pedro's! Congrats to Emily and all the winners. Ryan Flynn was amazing as host Chaz and Brett Siddell showed and proved as the "fake" Chaz. Big Stink judges Mike Hollingsworth, Machu Picchu, and LJ kept the crowd in stitches. Thanks again to Chimni and biggerKrissy for sponsoring the prizes and many thanks to DJs King Ruly & Chachin for keepin' the dance floor goin'. Check out last year's Lip-Synch 2 Music Video! 📸 Photos by Brendan Elms.

I'm Chaz and this is Lip-Synch Big Stink whatever.
I'm the real Chaz and you're about to get waxed off!
Let's get this bitch started.
Judges Machu Picchu and ET
The Pipettes "Your Kisses..." -- **Winners** 2nd Place
Bang on the Box "No Sexy"
Bosom Buddies "My Life"
MC Lucious "Boom! I got your Boyfriend"
Judge Mike "Elliot" Hollingsworth
Hall & Oates "Private Eyes"
Bjork "It's Oh So Quiet" -- **Winner** 1st Place
Judge LJ
Neil Diamond "Porcupine Pie" -- **Winner** 3rd Place