LIP-SYNCH Big Stink 2

Lip-Synch Big Stink 2 The Lip-Synch Big Stink 2 , went down Friday, June 3, 2005 at Little Pedro's. We had many spectacular performances by our dedicated contestants. Congratulations to all the winners. Extra thanks to host Ryan Flynn and judges Danforth France, The Poubelle Twins, and Mike Hollingsworth. Thanks again to Chimni for sponsoring the prizes and many thanks to DJ Chachin for motivating the dance floor. Check out the Lip-Synch 2 Video, Lip-Synch 3, and Lip-Synch 4 pics.

The Lip-Synch Big Stink 2 @ Little Pedro's
Judges "Honest Abe" Danforth + Fifi and Bibi Poubelle
Judge Mike "I'm Paris Hilton" Hollingsworth
Co-Host Lacey... or was it Stacey?
Startin' it off with Host Ryan Flynn as "Chaz"
Peaches "Fuck the Pain Away" -- **Winners** 1st Place
Poison "Talk Dirty to Me" -- **Winners** 2nd Place
Pirates of Penzance "I Am the Very Model of a..."
Hot Silverre does "Silver Spoons/Hot in Here"
Tatu "All the Things She Said" -- **Winners** 3rd Place
Miss Kittin and the Hacker "Stock Exchange"
The Wizard does "Behind the Wall of Sleep"
GNR "Sweet Child O' Mine"
DJ Chachin